Starting up a new business venture takes a great deal of time in terms of research, planning and motivation. As an entrepreneur your main focus is typically on the operations and marketing side of your business. If you are like most of our clients, you just don’t have the time to focus on the accounting, administrative and tax areas of your business. Unlike some other accountants who don’t have small business experience, we have direct experience in launching startup companies ourselves so we a have a unique insight into the specific needs of early stage entrepreneurs.

We can help you with

  • Entity selection and consultation:

    We can help you determine the best legal structure for your business from a tax and cost savings perspective. We are often able to save new business owners tremendous amount of money in otherwise-lost tax deductions and potential non-deductibility of startup expenses.

  • Business Entity Set up:

    We help you to register your business and apply for tax ID

  • Banking:

    We can advise you on the proper steps to set up bank and credit card merchant accounts.

  • Accounting System Selection and Implementation:

    We can advise you on the proper accounting system to use and help you get your books correctly set up.

  • Payroll:

    We can advise you on how to best structure employee payroll vs. independent contractor status as well as set up payroll for your business.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Advice:

    We can provide you with a detailed road map of which business expenses are tax deductible, how to make sure you have the correct documentation and take the correct steps to receive full deductibility of your business expenses.

  • Tax Advice and Planning:

    We can advise you on how to legally limit your tax liability, reduce your risk of an audit as well help you make proactive tax moves so you keep more of your profits.

  • General Business Consultation:

    We can serve as your part-time interim CFO and help you make the right financial moves to help build the value of your business as well as maximizing profitability.

  • Capital Sourcing, Loans and Investment:

    We can help you secure traditional debt financing through our established relationships with banks and lending sources and put you into contact with potential strategic investors.

  • Business Partners:

    Our goal is to become your strategic business partner. We view our role as an advisor to our client. Our mission is to connect you with potential third-party partners who may add additional value to your business and help you secure additional business prospects if we have any existing relationships with the ideal type of client you are seeking.

Our Solution

Our goal is to deliver an affordably priced solution that addresses the needs of most small business owners in the areas of bookkeeping, tax and small business advisory.

We have a fixed-price solution; you pay the same amount every month so you can budget your finances accordingly. This also helps smooth out your cash flow.